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"Montessori believed that the world was a highly ordered and purposeful place; that war and poverty, ignorance and injustice were deviations from that purpose. She believed that the way back to harmony and order was through children, as it was the children who were innocent of corruption and carried with them the imprint of normalcy.

Maria Montessori believed that there were two things necessary for raising peaceful human beings: an awareness of interdependence and the sense of gratitude that comes from that awareness. By providing a holistic, therefore Cosmic Education, children receiving these lessons learn to be grateful to previous generations so that they may benefit from their knowledge. Children are also exposed, not just to humans, but to all the elements and forces of nature, the plants, the animals (extant and extinct), the rocks, the oceans, the forests - even the molecules and atomic particles. These subtexts of gratitude echo constantly in the Montessori elementary classroom and children gain."

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North American Montessori Centre

Lunch Break

During the lunch break you may wish to wander through the nearby forest, sit with the ducks and geese by the pond or visit the Kune Kune Pigs and join them for lunch!

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Wendy Garden

Eco Friendly

Ashwood Farm has an Eco Friendly policy and would invite all students to bring lunches with minimum non - recyclable packaging.

Please ask the staff if you would like to offer your left over food for the animals and they will show you where to put it.


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Organic Produce Available

Ashwood farm sells organic produce which you are invited to purchase from the small farm shop beside the kitchen. Produce includes, free range eggs, organic free range pork and lamb and various seasonal jams and chutneys.

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