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Manager: Rozanna Roberts

Revolutionary Montessori Home Educators Workshops

Ashwood Farm, West Hoathly Road, East Grinstead, RH19 4ND  

Tel. 07977 223956

During office hours please

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to bring?

Seasonal clothing plus waterproofs are essential in the wet weather. Ski trousers are recommended for the winter as we will mostly eat outdoors. Sun cream should be applied before school on sunny days. Children should take belongings home each week for washing.

Your child will also need rubber soled indoor shoes. Please label all clothes.

Does my child need a pencil case?

Usually children do not need a pencil case as we provide utensils, however due to the recent Covid 19 rules we have decided to allow all children to bring plain pencil cases for pencils, rubbers and cartridge pens. No felt tip pens please.

Does my child need a school uniform?

Green and purple are our colours. We would like all children to wear green, purple  or neutral colours. No garish symbols or logos please. 


What should I pack my child for lunch?

Please pack healthy food and extra snacks for your child. Please clearly label. Please also add a good sized water bottle with their name on it. We promote low packing packed lunches where possible. In winter months we offer your children hot herbal fruit tea to keep warm.

NO NUT PRODUCTS PLEASE. (We have people with severe allergies)

Do you have extra tutoring available?

One to one tutoring is available after hours. Please ask for more details, prices and availability.


If your child has a birthday and they would like to celebrate with us, we will host a 'birthday ceremony' for your child  which involves your child walking around a model of the Sun, for every year, since they were born. To accompany this ceremony you are invited to send in one photo for each year of their life and we all look at them and discuss them in the ceremony with your child.

Children also really like to bring in cakes, which is absolutely fine with us. At the moment we request that you bring cupcakes only. Please also be aware that some children have got dairy, wheat, and aversions to refined sugars. So if you are bringing in cupcakes it is also really lovely to provide a few extra treats which cater for these children or bake them with gluten free flour, use honey and have a non dairy option. (No nuts in any products please.)


It is important to us that all children feel safe and able to express their emotions when they are with us. We adopt the Montessori approach to discipline at our farm. It is called a 'Peace Ceremony'. This ceremony involves all concerned individuals to express their opinions in a safe, non judgemental environment.

This helps create harmony amongst the children and allows them to air their feelings when they feel hurt or upset emotionally. In circumstances when disputes cannot be resolved in this way, we will ask the parents to have a meeting with us so that we can discuss ways that they can support our efforts at home.  

Do you have a coronavirus policy?

We do have a policy in place.  We encourage good hygiene and ask parents to keep children off if they have a cough, fever, sore throat or loss of taste and smell. Cold symptoms are different and you can send then to school as long as they seem well enough. 

In these uncertain times the government may wish to lock down educational facilities at a moments notice. In these instances we will  switch to online home education support packages or rearrange our term dates (where possible) as soon possible.  We will communicate these changes to you on email.

We may ask your child to log in and we shall deliver educational workshops online.  We will be unable to refund fees in these instances as we would wish to continue to pay our staff members for their work and be able to open up our facilities as soon as possible.