Woodland Club 

£165 per term


Guitar Club

£110 per term


Homework Club

£110 per term


Science and Nature Day

£440 per term


Art and Drama Day

£440 per term


Fees payable directly to Sarah Brindle

One-One Tuition

Make enquiries to Rozanna 

Termly Fees and Trial days

Revolutionary Montessori receives no financial benefits from the state, fees paid by parents cover the costs of paying our dedicated staff, our beautiful facilities, our ongoing training, the maintenance and upkeep of all of the barns, our cookery kitchen, our workshops spaces, the play areas, our growing gardens, woodland upkeep, arts and craft materials, archery equipment, pottery workshop, farm spaces and farm animal upkeep.

We hope that you understand that your timely payments will help with this project to continue. We have deliberately kept our fees affordable so that many families will have the opportunity of a private education for their child.


We endeavour to provide dedicated, genuine and caring education to your child, please dedicate your energy to paying us on time.

Terms and Conditions

Termly fees for workshops and after school clubs may be paid in two half amounts, or monthly arrangements can be made. Fees are accepted by bank transfer, direct debit  or cash.  Please ask the office if you require a receipt. 

Weeks per term may vary but the fee remains the same.

In our experience it is best that children who attend the workshops with us attend both Thursday and Friday. We have found that children socialise better and have continuity,  they feel a sense of belonging to the group as most other children attend both days. 

Revolutionary Montessori requires half a terms notice if you would like your child to stop attending our termly workshops.  (In other words, please let us know by half term if your child is leaving at the end of the term). If you have not given us due notice then  we reserve the right to charge for the additional half term fees.

Please note if 50% payment of fees are not paid by the beginning of the half term break (or monthly payments arranged) and if several attempts have been made to request payment (and they are not met), our contract will be terminated effective immediately and settlement of outstanding fees will be required to be paid within 21 days.  

We also reserve the right to add an additional 10% fee if the full terms fees have not been paid by the last day of each term and every week thereafter.

*A terms notice is not required for after school clubs, but you are required to pay for a full term even if your child is unable to attend for some reason. 


In these uncertain times the government may wish to lock down educational facilities at a moments notice. In these instances we will  switch to online home education support packages or rearrange our term dates (where possible) as soon possible.  We will communicate these changes to you on email.

We may ask your child to log in and we shall deliver educational workshops online.  We will be unable to refund fees in these instances as we will continue to pay our staff members for their work and will be able to open up our facilities as soon as possible.

All children must attend two trial days which are free of charge.  Entry into our termly  workshops cannot be made without these and a place will be allocated if these have been successfully completed. 

Please email Rozanna at to book a trial day.

Requirements of Eligibility

For safety and safeguarding of all children it is vital that all children who attend must be able to follow verbal instructions, be kind to their peers and willing to participate in activities.  Children must be between 5 years and 11 years old. 

On the successful completion of the trial days you will be asked to complete a Registration Form and sign our Home Educators Declaration Form and pay a non refundable £50 registration fee.

If you have any queries, concerns or questions at any time, please contact Rozanna directly in writing to or call on 07977 223956 during office hours. 

Revolutionary Montessori is registered with OFSTED under:

Revolutionary Montessori Home Educators Workshops

Ashwood Farm

West Hoathly Road

East Grinstead RH19 4ND

Setting Reference Number: 2588179

In line with OFSTED staff are First Aid Trained, and have Safeguarding and Diversity training certification.

Rozanna Roberts is also a Certified Archery Leader and qualified Montessori Teacher.