We start our day at 9.15am with a music assembly. This includes listening to music, identifying instruments and singing songs. 

At 10am we then break into small groups for art projects.  

Art projects typically include painting with watercolour, clay work (we have an onsite kiln), pastel or modelling projects.  We also make and use quills for calligraphy, print work and textiles.

Our artistic inspiration is often taken from the natural world or it may be inspired by termly projects which relate to the Montessori Five Great Lessons.

Outdoor packed lunch takes place at 12.30pm followed by farm duties.

At 2pm we start our afternoon Drama sessions in age groups.

These are fun and exciting classes aimed at helping children of all ages gain confidence in their dramatic and artistic expression.

In between these sessions the children also get a chance to play chess, logic and maths games.

We finish at 3.45pm.